How your donations help:

  • Purchase training equipment
  • Purchase the vest and harness for the service dog
  • Training equipment for both indoor and outdoor training
  • Helps cover adoption fees, shots, spay or neuter, etc
  • Meals for vets while training is taking place
  • Recreational equipment for both the veteran and their service dog to interact together
  • Helps pay the veterans gas to and from training center
  • Provides shelter, bedding, food for pet if vet needs to leave pup at center for the younger pups who may not be of age yet or fully trained
  • Continues the ongoing research for veterans about their rights and benefits offered as well as changes in legislature
  • Sponsors cook outs for recreational days for the veterans and their service dog to come together for fun
  • Maintain facility and equipment
  • Gives the veteran a specialized dog bowl or custom figurine for them to have